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Happy to Welcome You at Barri’s Veterinary Hospital

BVH is the first veterinary hospital in the kingdom of Bahrain. It is owned and operated by compassionate pet lovers and pet owners.  Our aim is to provide the best possible veterinary care.  Our mission is to take forward the level of veterinary care in the Island through the introduction of advanced diagnostic imaging modalities and other facilities that would enable us to achieve our mission.  Our intention is to deliver our services in a friendly, compassionate manner.  In BVH, we believe in preventative care and wellness examinations as the main tools to enables us to offer your pet a long, healthy and happy life.  BVH will continue to invest in better facilities and experienced personnel that will enable it to achieve its goals. With disease prevention in mind, we have designed a separate section for stray animals to minimise contact between them and other pets, until we are certain they are disease free.    

Dr. Barri

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Few Resons Why You Should Choose Us

We believe that every pet is an excellent and special pet and deserves excellent and special care.  BVH will invest in experienced, compassionate, and friendly staff.


Benefits of Barri’s Veterinary Hospital

Quality of Toys

  • Hills Biscuits
  • Prescription Diet Food
  • Vet Essentials

Premium Pet Care

Barris Vet Hospital premium pet services - where our passion is loving your pet!!! · We are not a typical, traditional boarding experience.

Pet Grooming Service

We Provide Premier Pet Care & Grooming Service to help you keep your pets healthy and happy.