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Full biochemistry and CBC testing, Blood gas analysis, electrolytes, faecal and urine analysis will be carried on onsite. 


Pet Surgery

Routine and non-routine soft tissue surgery,orthopaedic surgery

Dental Care

Dental radiography machine, dental machine and ultrasonic scaler will enable us to deliver dental care to your pets. 

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Our Service to Make Your Pets Healthy

Barri’s Veterinary Hospital is very proud to serve the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Bahrain and their pets.  We are committed to providing the highest level of veterinary care in a well-equipped, friendly and compassionate environment.

BVH will thrive to offer services that were inexistent in the Kingdom prior to its establishment. We aim to abolish the need for pets’ referrals overseas, by offering your pets advanced imaging and diagnostic modalities available for the first time in the Kingdom’s Veterinary Sector.

We believe that every pet is an excellent and special pet and deserves excellent and special care. BVH will invest in experienced, compassionate, and friendly staff.
What we offer

Pet Wellness Care

Prevention is better than cure.  Therefore, wellness examination, regular vaccinations and routine treatment for internal and external parasites will aid in the prevention of diseases and improve the quality of our pets’ life. 


Best Doctors

We have experienced staff to provide the best possible veterinary care.


Preventative care

Prevention is better than cure.  Therefore, wellness examination, regular vaccinations and routine treatment.



Separate dogs' and cats' kennels and isolation facilities as well as devices to monitor fluid therapy.

Healthy Furry


Our intention is to deliver our services in a friendly, compassionate manner.  In BVH, we believe in preventative care and wellness examinations as the main tools to enables us to offer your pet a long, healthy and happy life. 


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